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Another Swap Sketch Challenge

Although I have been busy with the paying side of creativity (jewellery), I had committed to a swap challenge this month, so I took a few hours out today to do it and quite enjoyed it this one!

Here is the challenge sketch.

Here are the combinations I came up with:

I was rather inspired after this and wondered if I could use the same sort of design for a Christmas card and I'm quite happy with how it worked out too :)

This is the inside:

 Till next :)

Making Cards from Kits

I have been quite intrigued at seeing some crafty people do things like make 20 cards from 1 12x12" sheet of patterned paper.  (Before you get all excited or start wondering how TINY they must be ... it actually refers to cutting up the single sheet into different shapes - eg strips, squares, triangles and using them on the front of your card... you will still need card bases, matting layers and so on, but it is a great way of using ALL the paper and would be great if you wanted to make a set of cards).  

So whilst it may not be as revolutionary as it sounded at the offset, it did make me realise that I could use what effectively were offcuts to decorate a card.   

This idea was reinforced when I obtained 10 "kits" from a woman who held card classes.   I was surprised to open them up and find, for the most part - 1 card base (unfolded), a matting layer, a couple of pieces of cardstock in co-ordinating colours, a piece of patterned paper and perhaps a small strip of rib…